Osage Station Park, Danville CA

The award winning Osage Station Park is a 35-acre green space located in the Greenbrook neighborhood of Danville. The park is known for the beautiful memorial rose gardens, children's play area, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, soccer fields and a walking path. According to the Town of Danville historian, the park is named after the ranch that grew Osage Oranges.  During spring when the trees are in bloom, visitors will notice a few remaining Osage Orange trees in the park.

The Rose Garden Project at Osage Park began in 1984 by Diablo Women's Garden Club member Olive Youse, with the backing of then Club President, Naomi Lind. Working with the town of Danville, they secured donations of roses from De Vor Nurseries in Livermore and a grant for fertilizer from the Chevron Corporation.  The town of Danville provided the labor to build the gardens and private donations were secured to purchase additional roses, with the donors able to dedicate a single rose bush or an entire  planter to the memory of a friend or loved one. 

Upon its completion, this project won several civic beautification awards.  California Federation of Garden Clubs and Bay Bridges District of Garden Clubs of America both awarded First Prize recognition to Diablo Women's Garden Club, and Bank of America's community beautification program commended a second prize award to DWGC, the town and the gardens. These awards, in addition to recognition, garnered more funds for the Club to dedicate to this project. At the time, it was the only memorial rose garden in the Bay Bridges District and the only public rose garden in Contra Costa County.

Today, Diablo Women's Garden Club members volunteer their time and skills pruning the hundreds of bushes and trees at the Memorial Rose Garden,  from May through November. DWGC also contributes funds towards the fertilizing of the rose beds and volunteers more than 120 hours per annum to this endeavor.  May 2014 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the garden with DWGC members, friends, leaders of other local garden clubs and representatives of the town of Danville.