Diablo Women's Garden Club supports local conservation efforts with the mission of protecting our forests, rivers, plants and animals in their natural habitats and preserving our natural resources. Over the years, we have supported programs for Mt. Diablo, Yosemite, the Redwoods forests, and the San Francisco Bay. Each year we are a top supporter of the Penny Pines program.

Penny Pines ~ National Reforestation Program

Penny Pines is a program of the National Forest Service and provides for the replanting of our forests ravaged by fires, pests and disease. Other states have Forest Service Programs, but the Penny Pines program, started in 1941, is unique to California. Diablo Women's Garden Club has supported this program since 1984 and has helped reforest more than 200 acres of National Forest land in the Sierra Mountains.

Diablo Women's Garden Club members and guests donate funds to our Penny Pines initiative at every monthly meeting. At the end of each year, we take the accumulated funds and donate them to sponsor "plantations", sections of forest needing replanting. Under a Conservation Agreement, the National Forest Service uses our donations to propagate seedlings, clear underbrush, do the planting, and provide maintenance and care as needed. These plantations provide soil protection, watershed protection, soil stabilization, future harvestable timber, as well as beauty and shade for recreation. Diablo Women's Garden Club has chosen to support the lands near Lake Tahoe which are damaged each year during our dry summers and each plantation is marked with the name of those being honored or the contributing individual or organization.

It costs $68 to fund one plantation.  Why $68?  Back in 1941, seedlings cost about 1 cent each and 680 seedlings were needed to cover one acre.   A donation of $68 allowed 10 acres to be planted.  The program has chosen to keep the $68 plantation cost for simplicity as costs rise, realizing that depending on the terrain, the donation may not currently cover the number of seedlings needed for a full ten acres.

If you would like to support the Penny Pines program with a tax-deductible contribution through our Club, please click here for our donation form.