Pruning BasicsWednesday 
January 24
6:30 pmSan Ramon LibraryAn ever popular presentation, please join us as UC Master Gardener Lorraine Frey presents the basics of healthy pruning practices for your young trees, your shrubs and your roses.  You'll learn what to prune, when to prune, and how to prune.  Library Talk (San Ramon): Pruning Basics
Growing & Caring for CitrusWednesday
February 28
6:30 pmSan Ramon LibraryPlease join UC Master Gardeners Molly Wendt and Sierra Higgins to learn the basics of growing and caring for citrus, whether existing trees or new.  Learn how to select and buy healthy trees for your location and the best methods for planting, watering and feeding your trees.  We will also cover pruning, as well as protecting your tree from environmental elements, pests and diseases.  Library Talk (San Ramon): Growing & Caring for Citrus