Home Composting
for Busy People
Saturday November 410:00 amSloat Danville, Camino RamonWe are pleased to welcome Recycle Smart back again for a FREE “Home Composting for Busy People” Workshop. An overview of home composting basics, including hot/cold composting, Vermicomposting, mulching and grasscycling, with time for Q&A and troubleshooting.  www.sloatgardens.com
Workshop:  Succulent CornucopiaSaturday November 1110:30 amRuth Bancroft GardenJoin designer, Linnea Lion, to put a fun twist on this classic centerpiece by creating your very own succulent cornucopia centerpiece. Using an assortment of succulents and dried plant materials, your horn-of-plenty table decoration will spark conversation and delight. Materials are provided, however we encourage you to bring any dried garden finds you feel inspired to use during this hands-on workshop.  www.ruthbancroftgarden.org
Seminar:  Winterizing Your Garden with Buzz BertoleroSaturday November 112:00 pmSloat Danville, Camino RamonThis seminar answers the question: How should I prepare my Bay Area garden for winter?  We’ll cover ant controls, saving flower and vegetable seeds, frost protection, dormant spraying, fertilizing, controlling next year’s unwanted vegetation now, and planting seasonal color. Please join us for this important seminar. Free for Rewards Members. $10 for non-members (membership is free!)  www.sloatgardens.com
Drought Tolerant LandscapesTuesday November 146:30 pmLafayette LibraryWhether or not we are in a drought, California receives little to no rain in the summer, which is typical of Mediterranean climates.  Come learn from UC Master Gardener and Program Coordinator Dawn Kooyumjian about our unique climate, and how plants in many parts of the world have adapted to their growing regions with little to no summer rain.  A drought-tolerant garden need not be a lone cactus in a sea of rocks! You will come away inspired and with a deeper understanding of gardening with limited water.  Library Talk (Lafayette): Drought-Tolerant Landscapes
Workshop:  Succulent Wreath or Swag Saturday December 2NoonSloat Danville, Diablo RdJoin us for the 3rd year of our annual holiday tradition!  Make and take home a beautiful succulent wreath or swag of your own creation as you learn to weave in succulents. Perfect for the holidays!  Bring a friend, have some fun, and leave the mess behind.  Fee: $90 for rewards members, $100 for non-members.  www.sloatgardens.com
Workshop:  Succulent Holiday OrnamentSaturday December 910:30 am &
1:00 pm
Ruth Bancroft GardenCreate a festive holiday ornament with succulents and foraged garden material with Linnea Lion. She will also lead you through thd design elements and how to maintain your beautiful ornament. Each person will be making 2 different ornaments.  www.ruthbancroftgarden.org
Pruning BasicsWednesday 
January 24
6:30 pmSan Ramon LibraryAn ever popular presentation, please join us as UC Master Gardener Lorraine Frey presents the basics of healthy pruning practices for your young trees, your shrubs and your roses.  You'll learn what to prune, when to prune, and how to prune.  Library Talk (San Ramon): Pruning Basics
Growing & Caring for CitrusWednesday
February 28
6:30 pmSan Ramon LibraryPlease join UC Master Gardeners Molly Wendt and Sierra Higgins to learn the basics of growing and caring for citrus, whether existing trees or new.  Learn how to select and buy healthy trees for your location and the best methods for planting, watering and feeding your trees.  We will also cover pruning, as well as protecting your tree from environmental elements, pests and diseases.  Library Talk (San Ramon): Growing & Caring for Citrus