Sculpture in the GardenSaturday
June 17 - Sunday August 13
See website Ruth Bancroft GardenEvery summer, The Ruth Bancroft Garden transforms into an outdoor art gallery. The Garden's world-class collection of succulent and drought-tolerant plants provides a spectacular backdrop for artists to display their works. Follow the meandering pathways to discover art that ranges from classical to irreverent, spiritual to functional.  Opening Night Sunset Social June 17 - activities through August 13.  See website for event information.   www.ruthbancroftgarden.org
Succulent TerrariumSaturday
July 8
10:00 amRuth Bancroft GardenGo to the The Ruth Bancroft Garden website or call 925-944-9352 to make your reservation.   www.ruthbancroftgarden.org
Pollinators 101Saturday July 810:00 amSloat Danville - Diablo RdThe birds, bees, butterflies, moths, and bats that pollinate Earth’s flowering plants eat nectar. You can help feed them by choosing plants that will support their nectar diet. Join us for this seminar and learn everything you need to know about creating a safe and inviting place for these essential creatures. Register in advance. Free for Rewards Members. $10 for non-members (membership is free!)  www.sloatgardens.com
Plant SaleSaturday July 85:00 pmRuth Bancroft GardenIt's Plantapalooza, a members only plant sale.  We're bringing in special selections from Annie's Annuals and Perennials and Succulent Gardens, as well as rarities from our own Curators.  There will be live music and beer and wine for sale.  Bring a picnic and spend a warm summer evening in the garden.  All plants 20% off    www.ruthbancroftgarden.org
Workshop: Companion PlantingSaturday July 1510:00 amSloat Danville - Diablo RdIn this workshop we’ll create beautiful edible containers that incorporate companion planting principles (purposefully putting plants next to one another to enhance growth, beauty or flavor). Learn which edible combinations work well together, and what flowers to add.  Fee: $50 members, $60 non-members (Membership is free)  www.sloatgardens.com
Local Gardens TourSaturday
July 29
10:00 amRuth Bancroft Garden SponsoredMembers Only:  Members can visit four fantastic drought-tolerant gardens in Concord/Walnut Creek. You will need to provide your own transportation to the various gardens but can choose your own order and explore each garden at your own pace within the hours of 10 am to 1 pm.  www.ruthbancroftgarden.org
Workshop: Succulent Vertical GardenSaturday August 510:00 amSloat Danville - Diablo RdMake a beautiful succulent creation at this Make & Take Workshop!  We’ll use simple chicken wire cone forms, moss, and succulents to create an arrangement that’s perfect for your front door, gate, patio, or entrance way. Fee:  $40 for members, $50 for non-members (Membership is free)   www.sloatgardens.com
Water Wise WednesdayWednesday
August 9
10:00 amRuth Bancroft GardenThis FREE workshop will be held the 2nd Wednesday of every month and features something for everyone: beginner and expert gardeners, children and families, and those who want to master the art of water-wise living. RBG experts and partnering agencies will offer tips on implementing ecologically friendly, drought resistant gardening practices in your own life. Discover how little changes will have a big impact on your life and the environment during this fun and hands-on workshop!    www.ruthbancroftgarden.org
Cactus CenterpieceSaturday August 1210:30 amRuth Bancroft Garden Create a dramatic cactus centerpiece in this hands-on workshop with Linnea Lion. You will also learn about  the key design elements and how to maintain your stunning creation.   www.ruthbancroftgarden.org
Summer WateringSaturday August 1210:00 amSloat Danville - Diablo RdBuzz is back with his ever-popular (and valuable) class on water and gardening. He’ll answer: What is the most efficient way to water your garden?  Does time of day matter?  What are garden tips for saving water?  Please join us for this informative discussion!  www.sloatgardens.com
Creole Sunset SocialSaturday August 125:00 pmRuth Bancroft Garden Fun Event to close ut Sculpture in the Garden.  Music, Food, Brews and Wine.   www.ruthbancroftgarden.org
Saturday August 1910:00 amSloat Danville - Diablo RdLearn all about attracting these beautiful creatures into your garden.  Join our expert staff as they discuss hummingbird garden design tips.  We’ll go over plants for both sun and shade, and talk about how to create a hummingbird habitat. Register in advance. Free for Rewards Members. $10 for non-members (membership is free!)  www.sloatgardens.com
August 19
5:00 pmRuth Bancroft GardenGroundbreaking for the new Visitor and Education Center.  www.ruthbancroftgarden.org
Planning Your Winter Vegetable GardenWednesday 
August 23
6:30 pmSan Ramon LibraryBelieve it or not, it’s time to start planning and planting your winter garden! Learn how growing vegetables in the winter has its advantages over summer vegetables and what allowances have to be made for the shorter days and less intense sunlight.  Library Talk (San Ramon): Planning Your Winter Vegetable Garden
Orchid Repotting DemoThursday August 2411:00 amOrchard NurseryJoin us for this drop-in demo on orchid repotting led by Allison! With a focus on the Phalaenopsis or moth orchid, learn the general rules of repotting these elegant beauties. Shop orchid supplies including fertilizer and bark at 20% off.  www.orchardnursery.com
Orchid Repotting DemoThursday August 3111:00 amOrchard NurseryJoin us for this drop-in demo on orchid repotting led by Allison! With a focus on the Phalaenopsis or moth orchid, learn the general rules of repotting these elegant beauties. Shop orchid supplies including fertilizer and bark at 20% off.  www.orchardnursery.com
Workshop: Hanging Baskets to Attract HummingbirdsSaturday September 2NoonSloat Danville, Diablo RdCreate a hanging basket that’s perfect for attracting beautiful hummingbirds to your garden or patio! Our Bay Area garden experts will guide you in making an arrangement that you and local hummingbirds can enjoy.  Bring a friend, have some fun, and leave the mess behind! Class fee includes a moss hanging basket, plants, soil, and fertilizer. Fee: $69 for Rewards Members, $79 for Non-Members (Membership is free)  www.sloatgardens.com
Houseplant Care 101Thursday September 711:00 amOrchard NurseryLed by Allison, join us and learn our recommended dose of houseplant TLC! We will be covering basic care including watering, fertilizing and pest control. We recommend bringing a picture of your houseplant so we can give you the tools to keep your indoor greenery happy and healthy!  www.orchardnursery.com
Plant SaleSaturday September 910:00 amMaster Gardener Garden Walnut CreekFall For Plants - Educational and Plant Sale  http://ccmg.ucanr.edu/FallForPlants/
What Went Wrong in Your GardenTuesday September 126:30 pmLafayette LibraryThis talk, given by UC Master Gardener Terry Lippert, covers common vegetable growing problems and how to correct them.  You will learn what causes tomatoes to crack, why zucchinis sometimes shrivel and die, and why broccoli and cauliflower sometimes produce only tiny heads.  Learn why onions often produce flowers and fail to develop good bulbs.  You’ll hear about solutions to these and other vegetables crop problems and also receive suggestions for what vegetables to plant for the most reliable good results.  Library Talk (Lafayette): What Went Wrong in Your Vegetable Garden (and How to Fix It)
Fall Tablescapes DemoThursday September 1411:00 amOrchard NurseryIn this demo led by Laura, you’ll learn her techniques on creating inspiring centerpieces with a focus on fall wedding tablescapes. Call us at 925-284-4474 for times.  www.orchardnursery.com
Workshop:  Designer ContainerSaturday September 16NoonSloat Danville, Diablo RdOur Bay Area garden experts will be on hand to demonstrate, offer tips, and inspire you to create a designer container for your patio. Bring a friend, have some fun, and leave the mess behind!  Class fee includes: 14” glazed pot, plants, soil, and fertilizer.  Fee: $69 for Rewards Members, $79 for Non-Members (Membership is free)  www.sloatgardens.com
Basic Composting for the Home GardenerWednesday
September 27
6:30 pmSan Ramon LibraryAre you interested in turning your garden waste and kitchen scraps into a rich soil conditioner and fertilizer for your garden?  Are you interested in saving money on fertilizers and reducing work in your backyard?  Composting is a simple way to create nutrient-rich humus that fuels plant growth and restores vitality to depleted soil.  It's free, easy to make, and good for the environment.   Library Talk (San Ramon): Basic Composting for the Home Gardener
Live Orchid GardenThursday October 511:00 amOrchard NurseryLed by Randi, learn how to design your own exquisite orchid garden. Learn her tips for refreshing containers and companion planting.  www.orchardnursery.com
Workshop:  Tillandsia & Bromeliad WreathSaturday October 7NoonSloat Danville, Diablo RdCurious how to design with / display Tillandsia (Air Plants) and Bromeliads? Take home a beautiful wreath of your own making by weaving in tillandsia and bromeliads. Your creation can be displayed indoors or out, and can last for years. Bring a friend, have some fun, and leave the mess behind!  Fee: $69 for Rewards Members, $79 for Non-Members (Membership is free)  www.sloatgardens.com
Seminar:  Fall Gardening with Buzz BertoleroSaturday October 72:00 pmSloat Danville, Camino RamonLearn from the Dirt Gardener himself why fall is the best time for gardening!  This is a must for any gardener that wants to know the keys to successful planting throughout the Bay Area.  Join us for this popular and informative seminar taught by a beloved expert. Free for Rewards Members. $10 for non-members (membership is free!)  www.sloatgardens.com
Christmas Tablescape DemoThursday October 1911:00 amOrchard NurseryLed by our floral designer Sue, learn how to create an elegant seasonal centerpiece that will have all your holiday guests oohing and aahing. Call us at 925-284-4474 for times.  www.orchardnursery.com
Growing Apples & Pears in Your BackyardWednesday 
October 25
6:30 pmSan Ramon LibraryHave you ever wanted to grow apples or pears, but didn't know where to begin? Do you have an apple or pear tree in your yard, but aren’t sure if you are properly caring for it?  Are you wondering why you are not getting as much fruit as you expected?  Join UC Master Gardener Darlene DeRose for a presentation on the basics of growing and caring for apples and pears.  Library Talk (San Ramon): Growing Apples and Pears in Your Backyard
Seminar:  Native Plant Care Saturday October 282:00 pmSloat Danville, Camino RamonWe welcome back gardening expert Elizabeth Ruiz for this informative and popular seminar. Learn how, when and how much to prune in order to maintain a healthy native plant. Free for Rewards Members. $10 for non-members (membership is free!)  www.sloatgardens.com
Seminar:  Winterizing Your Garden with Buzz BertoleroSaturday November 112:00 pmSloat Danville, Camino RamonThis seminar answers the question: How should I prepare my Bay Area garden for winter?  We’ll cover ant controls, saving flower and vegetable seeds, frost protection, dormant spraying, fertilizing, controlling next year’s unwanted vegetation now, and planting seasonal color. Please join us for this important seminar. Free for Rewards Members. $10 for non-members (membership is free!)  www.sloatgardens.com
Drought Tolerant LandscapesTuesday November 146:30 pmLafayette LibraryWhether or not we are in a drought, California receives little to no rain in the summer, which is typical of Mediterranean climates.  Come learn from UC Master Gardener and Program Coordinator Dawn Kooyumjian about our unique climate, and how plants in many parts of the world have adapted to their growing regions with little to no summer rain.  A drought-tolerant garden need not be a lone cactus in a sea of rocks! You will come away inspired and with a deeper understanding of gardening with limited water.  Library Talk (Lafayette): Drought-Tolerant Landscapes
Workshop:  Succulent Wreath or Swag Saturday December 2NoonSloat Danville, Diablo RdJoin us for the 3rd year of our annual holiday tradition!  Make and take home a beautiful succulent wreath or swag of your own creation as you learn to weave in succulents. Perfect for the holidays!  Bring a friend, have some fun, and leave the mess behind.  Fee: $90 for rewards members, $100 for non-members.  www.sloatgardens.com
Pruning BasicsWednesday 
January 24
6:30 pmSan Ramon LibraryAn ever popular presentation, please join us as UC Master Gardener Lorraine Frey presents the basics of healthy pruning practices for your young trees, your shrubs and your roses.  You'll learn what to prune, when to prune, and how to prune.  Library Talk (San Ramon): Pruning Basics
Growing & Caring for CitrusWednesday
February 28
6:30 pmSan Ramon LibraryPlease join UC Master Gardeners Molly Wendt and Sierra Higgins to learn the basics of growing and caring for citrus, whether existing trees or new.  Learn how to select and buy healthy trees for your location and the best methods for planting, watering and feeding your trees.  We will also cover pruning, as well as protecting your tree from environmental elements, pests and diseases.  Library Talk (San Ramon): Growing & Caring for Citrus